Lee Williams, Air Force Ones & Jesus

Today's events were awesome, our first event began at noon. We were set up outside on the basketball court. The weather was absolutely perfect, only designed by God. When we pulled up to go check in, we heard the piano from the distance. I assumed an inmate was playing, and the song was "Grateful" by Hezekiah Walker. I later learned it was the Chaplain, who could sing, and was a Pastor, with a heart for God. Chaplain Houston, young man on fire for The Lord, made our job easy. The atmosphere and the compound you could tell was different. I met 2 guys from Detroit, which I was happy to connect hometown folks, and one was the bass player. Their choir opened up singing "You Are Good" and closed with Casey J song, "Fill Me Up God"! We had a great time, about a 100 men or more came out and 40 souls were saved!

We took a break for dinner and what I thought was a regular Arby's was much more. This spot had a patio to eat outside, offered barbeque, tacos, zucchini bread, rotisserie chicken, fish, Mac and cheese, etc. We got a chance to fellowship with volunteers, staff and the team.

Well the evening event was held in the Chapel, and the choir was practicing when got there. I passed by a poster display at the commissary and saw the shoes guys good buy. Air Force Ones were $89.90, I was in shock. Amazing to me the dollar amount, and those who had them on! 

The band was tight, with all the instruments, and great sound system. These men open the service and took us to church. The Holy Ghost took over as they song Lee Williams, "Somewhere listening for my name". One brother in the audience got his praise on and dance unashamedly before the Lords. The chapel was packed to capacity of its occupancy of 140 men, with many standing at the door. Jesus showed through all of our performances and He got the glory with 75 souls coming to Christ.

Chaplain closed the event with prayer for us and all the prayer warriors came up and joined him. They put a hedge around us prayer went forth! Once again I met 2 brothers from the D, we caught up on what's happening. I told them to tell their family to come to my church!

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