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It was killing me not to post this blog about the last day of my Virginia Prison Event. Well, our lobby call was at 6am and we had 3 events to do on that Monday (April 13th). We arrived ready for clearance, and so were all the other officers and administration. The clearance process was like the airport, first time for me. They had the machine to get in and hold your hands up and everything.

We finally arrived to the chapel and the guys were waiting to go in and set up for the concert. Their Praise Choir kicked it off and sang a few songs. I later learned the musician was once blind and couldn't see, a previous Chaplain taught him how to play the piano using a cardboard box. He received a prophetic word that he would see again, from a preacher who visited for a service. Later that week, he got the approval to have the surgery done while he was incarcerated, and now he can see. He is over the choir and the musician, he gets out in 3 yrs.  #wontHEdoit.

There were about 45 guys for the 8am event, because many worked and had other duties. But, God still did His thing, 15 guys accepted Christ and we had a great time. During the lunch time we went to the staff cafeteria and ate lunch. YES I ATE PRISON FOOD!!. Afterwards, we headed back to the chapel for the next event at 1pm and there were more that came out, because word there spreads faster than the internet. This time it was about 80 guys who came out and 1/2 of them accepted Jesus Christ.

Finally, we came to the last program of the evening, after we went for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. It was a great fellowship at lunch and conversation. When we returned for the evening program at 6pm there was a line waiting to come into the chapel. This time the place was full with standing room, AMAZING..more than 200 guys showed up. I told them I'm the closest to a Beyonce or Mary J. Blige you're gonna get so we might as well party in Jesus name!!! Majority of the men made a commitment to Christ. What was interesting is there were guys who attended all 3 events, because they said they wanted to blessed!

Virginia was great, met some wonderful folks and look forward to a return!

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