Why I Cried in Prison This Past Weekend

This past weekend was the last camp for 2015. The camp allows children to spend the day with Dad inside the prison. It is an unbelievable presentation and life-changing event for everyone. I have the privilege of kicking the day off with Praise & Worship with the inmates (around 8:00am). I get to meet them one-on-one and hear some of their stories about their children and families. Then I get to chance to perform my music with the dads and their kids. Afterwards, I have lunch at the host church with the Caregivers (families of the inmates) and share my music. I tell you, I think I cried more at this camp than the others I've done.

Tear #1: Well while I was doing the Praise & Worship with the guys, the guy in the picture to the right (glasses) shared that this program allowed him 6 opportunities to spend the day with his son (age 5 in this pic). The last camp (2014) he was able to throw a football with his son (now 11) and teach him how to hold the ball. His son told him at this camp he was now playing football and he plays football for him.

Tear #2: If you ever attend a camp, it is impossible not to cry during the introductions. The dads names are announced and the kids who are standing across the room, sees their dad and runs to the center (like shown in this picture). My tears rolled when I saw a young boy about 10yrs old crying uncontrollably before seeing his dad. When his dad was announced his tears outran his feet, because the embrace was moving as they both hugged, cried, and couldn't move.

Tear #3: There is a moment in the program where the inmates and the kids get to share what this day meant to them. BOYYYY I was gone when one of the guys said,  "I never had a mother or a father, and being with my only son today, means the world". Then one of the teenage girls (teen girls are dear to my heart) expressed she started high school and she really need her dad there. But, this day being able to talk to him and hug him is what she needed. As I looked to the right, I saw ABC Nightline Producers and Reporter JhuJhu Chang with tons of tissue and tears falling as the testimonies were shared.

I know the Holy Spirit took over the building and left his Spirit in the place. ABC Nightline will be airing the program during the Thanksgiving holiday. The 8 minute segment, I believe will be turned into a much longer segment. There is no way what I know JhuJhu and the producers felt can be explained in 8 minutes. So, keep that in prayer that the world will feel the hearts of  2.5 Million kids with a parent incarcerated and the visionary of this ministry, Ms. Scottie!

Keep me in prayer for my next Prison Event at Huron Valley Women's Correctional facility for the Young Offenders Graduation. November 21, 2015.

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