500 Ladies & The Holy Spirit: OMG!

Day 2 was the women's facility and my day to do the devotion on the way to the prison. We had a 15 minute ride from the hotel to Logan Correctional, our first stop. We had to bring in all the equipment at both facilities. And boy was that a task, but they gave us a cart to make it easier. The walk to the gym at Logan is the "Green Mile". I'm sure I walked about 3 miles to get there, nawl I'm exaggerating, it's long though. 

The ground was a little slick from the early morning rain mixed with ice. But, the inmates were out shoveling and putting down salt. We arrived at the gym and heard some noise, sounding like music. But, we opened the door and walked in to screaming, shouting and clapping. The 250 women were already in the gym waiting for us to arrive. 

We set up real quick and turned on that new Kirk Franklin record "Love Theory" to test the sound and they started jamming! I shared first and the ladies rocked out with me. I did my song "I Am Healed" and Holy Spirit moved! Ladies were weeping, one lady said she received the Holy Ghost came upon her and she received the gift of tongues. Art brought the Black History topic of "Revival in the Black Church" incorporating the Gospel message. 125 ladies accepted Jesus Christ and 25 rededicated to Christ. It was so powerful, The Gideon Crew set they were ON 10. They were dancing and getting crunk on "I Got Game". The Chaplain caused confusion during their set, saying the program was over at 2pm and really it was until 2:30p. So, it threw some stuff off, but E.D. said a prayer at the end that sent the ladies into a frenzy. 

We had about an hour before the next facility, so we stopped at the gas station in town. And it became a dance party in the parking lot. Big Jake, Art, Mary and Amy got summons by E.D. to bust the move. Boy was this hilarious, we gotta have some fun while we do this. 

We arrived at the prison, again having to take all equipment. The officer was so nice, we got right through and to the gym. The Chaplain was not there, but the Major was a African American female, good to see. We got the sound together and kicked the program off. The women were excited and this facility has mom and baby program. So, the moms brought their babies to event. If a mother have her baby in prison, it can stay in the program for 2 years. It is limited to about 13 women, but their is a 100% no recidivism rate. WOW!

The highlight of the night was The Gideon Crew's set turned into a deliverance service. E.D turned into P.D. and God shook that that room. The ladies were wailing and shouting and getting free. One grandmother looking lady just began to scream, you saw the Spirit hit her. It was so unusual the Captain in the room, allowed them to hug each other. They are normally not allowed to do this, but you couldn't deny the power of God. 250 ladies attended the event and 110 accepted Jesus Christ, 45 rededicated.

We left and then ate at Cheddars and had 3 hour ride to the next hotel. Mary was driving fast to Big Jake and he was too funny with his comments. Stay tuned for Day 3 we got 3 facilities. Keep us in prayer!

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