DAY 4: Prison Tour-Show #11

Tonight's  event was on FIRE! We were at Big Muddy Correctional Facility! There was about 100 guys allowed to come, and  many were believers. They anticipated our return it has been 2yrs since we were last there. These brothers came in singing our music, I told them they had great memories.  B-Ganhs kicked the evening off he stirred them up with the Word of God, telling his testimony!  The praise continued as I ask them to be apart of the choir! and they were jamming. They enjoyed Art's portion on Black History and Jazz music, his impersonation of Louis Armstrong, stands them to their feet!  Finally, the moment they all were waiting for The Gideon Crew, their jam, God Over Everything. Even the hearing impaired inmates were jamming and signing at the same time. It was something to see. When they got to the final song, You Don't Know What I've Been Through, set the men on fire. The Holy Ghost came in they begin to worship and praise God. The officers got nervous, thinking it was like a riot, several begin to come inside the gym. We went over our time a little bit, the power of God move, a man who was in his wheelchair the entire program, stood up during the time. Jesus was in the room! Every man in that gym raised their hand for salvation, hallelujah!, 

I became  a little bothered after we were asked to leave first, and couldn't greet the guys. As some of the men were standing up to wave at us going out, an officer yelled real loud "SIT" like they were animals! Please pray for the administration, the officers, even more so than the inmates. I leave you with the video from The Gideon Crew!
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  • star a travis
    star a travis toledo ohio
    I love the music i really do love it

    I love the music i really do love it

  • Sonnie Day
    Sonnie Day
    Thank you Star

    Thank you Star

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