DAY 5: Prison Tour-Show #12

This morning event was powerful. We went to Shawnee Correctional with one our favorite Chaplain Mike Williams. Chaplain met us at the door with a big smile and nothing but love. We were a little late, but we rushed in and got set up in the chapel. The men were on fire and happy for us being there. Everyone done a remarkable job, and ushered the Spirit of God in. But, the turn up got real when one of the Old G's  started jamming while I was singing my remake of the Classic Isley Brothers song, For The Love of You. This brother, who I later found out was a Muslim brother challenged me because I said Detroit held the title for Ballroom. Old G came up to the front while I was singing and started Chicago Stepping. When I say he cut up, boyyyyyyy he was bugging, I gave him the floor. I wish I had a video camera, because I know this guy won some awards back In the day! There was about 70 men who came out, and 46 accepted Christ. Chaplain Mike took us to lunch before our next prison which was next door.  Follow my blog for updates of what's happening in prison. cXc#prisonministry #prisontour #sonnieday

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