10 Hours to Chicago

Hey Family,

Well it's that time of the year again for the Black History Tour we do in Illinois. We will be inside of 15 prisons and doing 16 shows in 6 days. God has honored us to be in the presence of at minimum 3000 plus inmates. We will get to share Jesus, encourage, and spread the love of Christ. Please pray our strength and that God will do just what He does!

We started our journey from Detroit on Saturday morning about 9am we hit the highway. We had to stop at our traveling tradition restaurant for breakfast "Cracker Barrel". Well, the manager showed us favor,  because he was a hometown friend of Charleston's in Pontiac.

After we ate breakfast, we got back on the highway, 94 West toward Chicago. When I tell you we were in the EYE OF THE STORM....OH BOY!! The snow came down with blowing wind. It became literally unbearable where we couldn't see anything. There were several accidents, collisions, police and ambulance. It was stop and go traffic for majority of the trip. We had to pray the entire way, because we were surrounded by foolish drivers, traffic jams where anyone could hit you.

It literally took us 10hrs to Chicago which normally takes 4.5hrs. But, God spoke to all of us through this situation, and what he spoke to me was very much needed for me.

He said, "What you know is how long it should take to get to where you want to go, however you don't know the process I will take for you to get there. Just know, it may take some time, but KNOW THAT YOU WILL GET THERE".

I want to encourage someone, whatever process God has you going through, it may seem like forever! But, your patience and praise through the process makes it bearable, know God is going to get you there!

Pray for us while we're on assignment. Follow my daily blog to keep up with what's going on inside the prisons!

Love yall,
Sonnie Day
#YouVisitMeNot #PrisonMinistry

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