Today was an awesome day inside the 4 walls. We had a lobby call at 7:50am, we loaded up and headed to the prison. I was not aware of what type of prison we were going to. Sometimes we discuss whether it is a maximum, minimum security, or male or female. So, as we were traveling I learned it was a women's prison where there children are allowed to visit and spend time with them. They have a playground on the facility and moms with newborns are allowed to have their children with them for the first 3 months. With this program those women, there is a 100% recidivism rate (meaning they never return to prison again) hmmmm....take note what works!

So, we arrived to Decatur Correctional Center a little late because we were turned around, but the Chaplain was awaiting. We entered the gym and 200 ladies began screaming and shouting with joy to see us. This was the best program of all, unfortunately they were told to remain seated. So, we rocked out in the chairs, but some couldn't contain themselves and stood anyway. The ladies were weeping, even those who acted like they didn't want to be there, were transformed.
There was 170 ladies who accepted and rededicated their lives to Christ. We were unable to greet the ladies at the end (I hate that), because we had to get to the next facility.

Next, we arrived at our afternoon event at Danville Correctional. The set up was in the gym and they had a stage set up with mics and video cameras. This was the first time I had seen the ability to record inside the prisons. The call out was for 160 guys to attend event. However, others could watch the program on the closed circuit broadcast inside the prison.
This was a tough crowd, we think they had been told something before we got there. There were about 130 guys who came out and 40 accepted and rededicated to Christ. We ended the night with going to a steakhouse restaurant, where I had jumbo shrimp dinner. Yes it was good!

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