Black History Prison Tour: DAY 5 "THE FINALE"

It is Day 5 and I can't believe it has come to an end. This morning our lobby call was at 8:00am (the latest of the whole week). We are excited because Stateville prison was on lock-down (our last stop) but we prayed in agreement the night before. Great news, we were able to go in!. But our first stop was at Sheridan Correctional, we ministered to 110 men. 28 men accepted Christ and rededicated their lives. You could see the oppression on some of their faces. What was weird is the enemy interrupted the Gideon Crew on their song, that ministers! The officer was given orders to end the program! (IT WAS CRAZY).

But the brothers were very upset, they gave us a standing ovation. They began yelling out, let them finish the song, apologizing! But the officer said it wasn't his fault!
One of the bosses from PF came along with us, he had heard a lot about us, and was very impressed.
We prepared to go to the next prison which is Stateville, the oldest prison in the United States. YES, this was the real deal, we had been to this one before. It took us forever to get through clearance and we walked the long mile. We saw some brothers inside of a cage, like animals (BOY WAS I MAD).

We had to bring in our own mics and cords, and set things up. They only allowed 50 guys to come out, because of the lock down. The 36 brothers accepted Christ and rededicated their lives. This was the highlight of the event, I was singing my song, "For the Love" and one of the brothers began to ad-lib, I just let him take the song! HE WAS JAMMING! They had a good time! At the end of the program a lot of officers in white shirts came in the gym, we were wondering what was going on. It was the Director of Illinois Department of Corrections, The Warden, Deputy Warden, etc. All the big wigs of corrections, stop by the gym to see the show and meet us. WHAT AN HONOR~!

We end the night with going to dinner with our good friend in Chicago, Melanie. We had dinner at Jameson Charhouse (good food), hung out, took pictures and headed for the hotel. Our last night in Chi-Town!

We have a week home and we're back at it again for three days in Muskegon!  LOVE YALL!

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