Day 1: Prison Tour-Show #2

We arrived at Robinson Correctional a little early, after we had lunch at Fuddruckers.  The officers were nice checking us in, very easy going! The Chaplain came to greet us with a huge smile and nothing but joy for us being there. Our program was held in the gym, so while we're waiting Big jake and B-Ganhs started playing basketball. After we checked the sound system, which was lovely, E.D. and Big Jake had a jam session on the drums and congas, oh yet Art joined in in the flute. They got carried away and loud, the officer had to yell and tell them to get off, he apologized later. But, I had told them they need to chill out! Finally, the program was ready to start, the guys came in ready and grateful. We were on schedule, the program was to run from 6:30p-8:30p, so we were geeked! There was about  60 guys came out, we learned the All-Star game was and it was a cold walk from the cell, so that took precedent. Anyway, we were grateful for who God predestined to be there! When I say we had a Holy Ghost good time. The choir song with the band (inmates), I'm telling you I will have me a band of Christian ex-prisoners. Some of the baddest musicians are behind bars! Everyone done their set, things were going smooth. The Gideon Crew shifted the atmosphere into worship, and these men poured their hearts out to God. As they were going to begin to rap, we were told  we had to end the program. We had 20 minutes actually left, but we were cool with it. Invitation to Christ had went forth and 40 of the men accepted and rededicated their lives  to Christ! After we left the prison and was driving, we didn't realize the hatch on the Suburban  had  come open. Thank God only one bag had fell out, so we turned back around and there it was still in the street!  We're headed now to the hotel, to prepare ourselves for Day 2, and 3 shows. Please continue to pray for us! #prisonministry #sonnieday #YouVisitMeNot 

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