DAY 3:Prison Tour-Show #6

It's  the third day of the tour, we woke up in hopes that the 2 prisons for the morning and afternoon would be off lock down!  We made the call to learn that the first prison was off lockdown and the gym was set up. Well, we got there and the lift had not been done yet, our program was to start at 8:30am. Well, they weren't going to release  the men until 9:30,  and that turned into 10:00am by the time we started.  In the meantime, we played a game of 21 (Big Jake, B-Ganhs, and I), and the Assistant Warden of Programs brought donuts and orange juice.  She was the first African American Sister I've seen so far in that position.  

Well, finally the men came in  about 135 guys, majority black and under 40. There were a lot of guys under 25, which I hate to see! These guys were stiff necked,  some got into and some didn't. B-Ganhs kicked it off to open them up, we only had 1hr.20min. So, he performed and many were just looking, so I was up next a and again many were just looking. We had to stir them up, and give them hope. When I done my remake of "For The Love" by the Isley Brothers, they transformed. 

Finally, The Gideon Crew came to close us out, and they went hard, Detroit flavor! E.D. ministered to these brothers and gave them some hard hitting truths. He shared his story and really spoke to the young cats in a language they could understand. You immediately saw that haughty spirit and hardcore attitude change. The  invitation to Christ was given by Art, and E?D brought it home, and 120 of the men accepted Christ and made a commitment, the rest were our Muslim brothers. The officers on duty were so impressed with our message they thanked us, over and over!

We are headed to the next  prison and HALLELUJAH IT iS OFF LOCKDOWN! Thank You Jesus!
Keep us lifted, as we continue the work of The Lord! 

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