DAY 3: Prison Tour-Show #7

This event was absolutely beautiful, seeing that they had it on  Lockdown! We didn't hear the message from the Chaplain at 8:30am, saying that our event was canceled. So, of course we showed up and no one told us differently. The event was in the chapel, where 70 men were allowed to attend. The program started a little late leaving us 1.5hr. We worked the time, the men were very receptive. The program ended with us being given extra time. The Holy Spirit moved mightily men were crying and being delivered. The Gideon Crew song You Don't Know set this atmosphere. They ended with an altar call, and all the men came to the altar, majority of the rededicated their lives to Christ. It was an awesome experience for these men, you could see the shackles being broken. After all of that we still had another 20min because of shift change, and no movement goes on. So,the guys wanted to hear more music, so we did some more music. You ought to come outside of your 4 walls of your church, God is doing some great things inside the prison. 

We  are preparing for our last facility at Graham Correctional, they are expecting us and on fire for our return, it's been 2 years. Get ready for the praise report ahead! #prisonminstry #sonnieday #YouVisitMeNot 

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