DAY 4: Prison Tour-Show #9

This is the day The Lord has made! We have three prison stops today. Our lobby call was 7:45a, we went to the juvenile prison. The program today was a little different but with my favorite population , young people. We hung out with 50 young men and gave them a fun time in The Lord. The kids were looking at us to check us out. Of course, our 15 plus years working with  kids , certainly helps in these circumstances. In the beginning you had a few that were getting with you, after a little while they warmed up. The kids had a great time, and were glad we came. The Gideon Crew did there music without the track, often times young people focus on the beat than words. The words of the songs ministered to their hearts. The Chaplain leaned  over and told me, "They are really hitting  home , and cutting deep".  During my set, I asked who was the singer in the room, two people raised there hand. Only one of the guys, DaJohn was willing to come up and and sing  with me. I shared a lesson with them never miss an opportunity to share your gift, because you never know who could be asking you! There were 43 kids selected to attend, and 25 made a decision to accept Christ! Follow my blog to stay up on what's going on in prison.  #prisonministry #youvisitmennot #sonnieday

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