DAY 5: Prison Tour-Show #14

Show #14 took us to East St. Louis, Illinois, Southwestern Illinois Correctional  Center. The Chaplian  met us at  the door, he was glad to have us.  We had the program in the gym the acoustics were a little off, and  we had to adjust the sound because we were getting feedback from a local radio station in the area. After, we got  it going  it worked out. We had a few of the officers and staff stay for the program.  We got great feedback from the 100 guys that were allowed to come. The ministering about salvation really hit home for the guys between Art and E.D the gospel was preached. At the end of the event we always asked who said the prayer of salvation when it was given. God really showed up at this facility, all 100 guys raised their hands! GOD IS AWESOME!  
We left here on a high, excited about what God had done. We had about a 3hr ride to the next stop. So, we ate and  I went t sleep!

love y'all,
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