Locked Up Again: Prison Gigs

We are back at it again, for 2 days (Mon/Tues) with the POPP 41st Day Celebrations. I am in Muskegon, Michigan along with The Gideon Crew doing 4 events. This time we are celebrating with over 600 men who made a decision to be PEACEFUL for 40 days. This is extremely difficult inside a prison, which I am sure you can imagine. However, these brothers have done it, regardless of color, religion, or gang affiliation. So, we get to celebrate with them as they receive their certificates and enjoy a meal they could only dream of having. Afterwards, we laugh, dance and have fun through music.

May I submit to you the things we take for granted like FRIED CHICKEN & BIRTHDAY CAKE. The food for the first prison Muskegon Correctional & Westshoreline Correctional was catered by Lee's Chicken. The joy in these men eyes was amazing, I never seen anyone so excited to get 2 pieces of chicken, mash potato's and gravy, green beans, biscuit, cookies, and lemonade in my LIFE! It taught me a lesson though.

The men were so appreciative that we came to share with them, took off work, just to see them happy! We have 2 more events on today with Level 2/Level 4 at Brooks Correctional. Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement of what we do.

P.S. I will never look a Fried Chicken the same!



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