New Beginnings

The NEW YEAR has arrived and we have already began several days within 2014. I am overjoyed to be apart of this great time to know Jesus and working to advance His kingdom. I hope your goal this year is to better yourself. There are many things we all can do to improve, myself included. I have many new endeavors I want to embark upon in 2014, and I encourage you to as well. Regardless to what you didn't accomplish or get to do in 2013, remember it is the past. Now, you have a fresh start and a new opportunity to start over. Often times we beat ourselves up for not sticking to the plan we made for ourselves. As the Bible tells us in Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the will of the Lord that will prevail". I relate to this all the time, because I can have exactly what I wanted to do for the day, and BOOM! God's plan for me has already been written according Jeremiah 29:11. So, I have learned to stop tripping and go with the flow of the day. I am not saying don't have a plan, agenda, goals to accomplish. What I am saying is allow room for the Holy Spirit to direct your path, and it just may not be on your To Do List. I encouraged you to step out on faith, go after those dreams, try something new, and better YOU! PLAY THE BEAT TO YOUR OWN DRUM, HEAR THE RHYTHM!

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