Women's Prison Messed Me Up!!

OMG!! When I tell you that the young offenders graduation ceremony at the women's correctional facility blessed my soul. The talent behind those walls from singing, dancing, acting and to top it all off the LOVE is beyond amazing! There were four ladies who graduated from the 6 month program conducted by Prison Fellowship. The ladies have 8 modules that they go through its a pre-release program that helps them prior to coming home. The ladies put together skits with other inmates who were previous graduates of the program to express their learning. WOW!! these skits were awesome and well put together. As a script writer myself (my other gift), I could see productions coming to life.  Well, let me tell you I was unable to bring my tracks in, so I had to sing with no music. So, I had to pull out my P&W & Choir Directing skills and get the job done! I made the audience my choir and sang like never before! But, what stood out the most of the entire night.Before we left they wanted to dedicate a song specifically to me, when I heard the music the tears formed, it was "Encourage Yourself" boy did I need to hear that song and the young girl tore it up!! Tears overflowed even more after the song, when the young lady came up to me and said "Can you please tell Mr. Day I said hi he was my music teacher in elementary school! ‪#‎Iwaslostforwords‬ ‪#‎JESUS‬ ‪#‎prisonministry‬

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