Well yesterday was the last day for the POPP 41st Day Celebrations! We had a great time seeing these guys get their certificates and enjoy a great meal. We had 2 events on yesterday, first with the Level 4 guys, this group of men have done some hard crimes. However, they still are just like you and I, regular folks! The support this group had for one another when it was time to get certificates was like a high school graduation. And for many, it was the first thing they had ever accomplished. We heard some intelligent reflection speeches of how the program impacted them, WOW! There was about 60 guys who completed the 40 days of Peace and 40 days of Power. They got their picture taken with the Warden and Kit and cheesed the whole time.

Later in the afternoon, we had our 2nd event with about 160 guys (Level 2) who completed the programs. This group of men were guys we had become acquainted with because of our frequent visits. They were so happy to see us again and for us to come celebrate with them. The excitement for Fried Chicken and Potato's was very interesting to watch. We done music and the guys danced and song, it was a day they would remember forever. The guys told me they saw me on Dorinda's show on TCT when I performed. They wanted us to sign autographs and treated us like we're celebrities, its unreal.

Finally, our night ending with dinner at Red Lobster and prepared for an early rise, to get back to our realities called LIFE. It is great to be appreciated and to share your gift with men who are always looked down upon. I am grateful God has chose us for this mission work, and we are working the field.

P.S. I encourage every believer to get involved with prison ministry to share Christ it will change your LIFE! Interested email me on my website.

Love yall,
Sonnie Day

Come hang out with me for my next LIVE performance!


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