FAITH Makes It Possible

Faith...we hear this word often throughout our lives, or the phrase "Faith It til you Make It". I heard this and it sounded cliche'ish (if that is even a word). But, I begin reading a book with that same…Read more

Imagine Me

Have you ever allowed your mind to wonder? Wonder so far on a dream or desire you have that you forget where you are or what you were doing last. I have been there several times as I dreamed of…Read more

Do What You Love

I have learned over the years, in my million and one endeavors, if I don't LOVE what I am doing it is time wasted. There are many people in this world who are stuck and miserable in a life their…Read more

Say "Thank You"

Growing up we were taught when someone gives you something and you accept it, out of courtesy say "Thank You". Also, if you are offered something and you decline the offer, say "No, Thank You". We are living in a…Read more

Open The Gift

Today begins a new week for many and it always sparks a new beginning of something for a lot of pople. Well, I want it to be a new discovery for you. There are so many gifts lying dormant, hidden,… Read more

Welcome to my New Blog

I want to introduce to you my NEW BLOG "#FaithUP w/Sonnie" !!  With the new updates to my site provider, it allows me to do my own blog right on my page. This is wonderful, because I will be able…Read more