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Day 6: The Finale: Lifers or Going Home

Prison Stop #14: Pontiac Correctional 
This facility was interesting, we arrived on time, and got through security quite easily. We made our way to the gym where the event would be held. We were anticipating a full house because the bleachers were out.  However, we waited for more than an hour for the men to arrive. While we waited, we began to sing songs and pray. Because we knew we were up against opposition. Finally,  the men arrived  and it was only eight men who attended.  They told us that they did not…

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DAY 5: Chicago Steppers Showed Up & Lockdown

Prison Stop # 11: Taylorsville Correctional
It took us a while to get to this prison, because it was the morning of the snow storm. We arrived on time, but the Chaplain did not have everything on our list cleared. Art's flute and 2 of the volunteers "The Millers" were not approved. After an 1hr of waiting and us singing songs and praying in the lobby. God worked it out and everything was cleared. Unfortunately, we only had 40 minutes for the program. However, God worked it out the 40 men had a great time. We…

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DAY 4: The LADIES Turn Up

Prison Tour Stop #1: Logan Correctional (Ladies)
Our lobby call was at 7:45am and we left on time. We arrived at the facility walking right in with The Chaplain. We've been to this facility before, so the ladies were anticipating us. The event was held in the gym where the heat was on blast. They had to open the doors to cool it off. There were about 50 ladies attending, although we expected more. But, during the week many are working, in school, or have mandatory places they have to be. We weren't…

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DAY 3: Think I met a Relative & We Got Gifts

DAY 3: Prison Stop #1: Illinois River

We made it to the prison and I began looking for my I.D. and realized where it was. I had left my coat at the hotel in the closet and my license was in there. Of course, I was about to get reprimanded by the MR. but he kept it in. We made it back to the prison and got cleared easily. This event was held in the gym, we came in and the guys were already seated. The Chaplain was a cool guy, and the choir was up singing. They were performing a rap song with backgrounds…Read more

DAY 2: He's Going Home after 18yrs..Jesus Did It

Day 2:
Prison Tour Stop #1: Dixon Correctional

Our first event was in the Auditorium of the facility and the sound was great. The men had it prepared and the guys came out excited for us to be there. It was their Sunday morning service, so the Praise was anticipated. There was about 110 guys who came out and the Holy Spirit was all over the room. One brother ran down to the front (altar) and began praising God uncontrollably. Our best part was seeing the Warden who showed us so much love 3 years ago when we…Read more