She has pushed me since the moment she learned of a dream I've put off for 12 years. Her tenacity and unapologetic truth pushed me to finally see a dream come true.”

— Staffy Blakely, Recording Artist & Television Host


Gifts are giving by God and what comes natural for Sonnie Day is helping individuals discover their gifts and talents. She realized years ago that everyone has inside of them "potential". However, the potential has to be pulled out of them to help them realize it. She is affectionately known by her clients, family and friends as "The Pusha". If you do not want to live a life on purpose, do not let Sonnie Day know your dreams or visions. 

There are several opportunities for coaching in different areas and capacities: one-on-one, group coaching, in your business, with your vision, and life in general. If you are ready to invest in yourself and see your vision come to pass, contact us today

Sonnie Day helped me identify my passion for talking, listening and helping people who was hurting and needed direction. As a result, I returned to school and obtained my Bachelors & Masters Degree in Counseling and now work as a Mental Health Counselor.”

— Arnisa Williams, MS, LLPC