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Fabulous Life BLOG

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UNITY TOUR 2018: DAY 1: Juveniles

This is our 7th year of the Prison Tour in Illinois. We rode the plane this time and it was the best 45 minute ride ever. Although the plane was that little one, we made it. A lady talked to Big Jake the entire 45 minutes, she was on 10. 

We arrived to Chicago and got the shuttle to the hotel and we were VIP, thanks to our partner. The beds and pillows at Renaissance is unreal, OMG! The Gideon Crew went to get the speakers for the tour, while I chilled on them pillows. We went to dinner later that evening…

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What I Learned from Cardi B?

You might say who is Cardi B? Well I must stay hip to the culture, especially since my mission is to "Educate, Empower, and Entertain". Cardi B became the first female solo artist/rapper to hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 with her song "Bodak Yellow: Money Moves". She had a goal to beat out Taylor Swift and she did. She did so by using her fans to push it to # 1.

Cardi B hit the public scene as a cast member of Love & Hip-Hop New York. She was a former stripper which she reveals in her hit song. Cardi B’s…

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Florida Inmates Outfits

The Florida inmates were really cool and on fire for God. We had a great time with these men and they made us feel welcomed. We arrived at the prison for our first event for a 9am program. Of course we had some problems getting in, their security process was interesting. We went to Central Florida Correctional Institution in Orlando, Florida. We were doing programs for the East side of the prison and the main prison. This was the first time, in being in over 70 prisons, the process was different. We had our…

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Prison Altars are a Little Different

I'm sure everyone knows what an altar call is in church, but it's a little different when doing one inside the prison. The Gideon Crew and I are here in Florida doing some prisons with PF. YEAAAAA! We are excited that God would expand our territory.

Well, we left Detroit at 5:05pm, I thought our plane left at 6:05pm. Thankfully, we arrived early as they tell us, but after taking our time to the gate, we were even more grateful. We had 12 minutes before boarding and the plane left an hour earlier than I…

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What I Learned from Kevin Durant

I hope you are shining BRIGHT and being the light of the world! I don't know if any of you are like me or not, when it comes to sports. I just think the narrative of the game has changed, especially in basketball. I think it can be manipulated as to who will win or not. And I think because it's entertainment as welI, money drives a lot of the game. I think this brother did earn the title and played as a Champion. But, all and all I really don't care who wins! But, I always find the message in everything!


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