Don't let what it look like, make you doubt what it could be”

— Sonnie Day

Hello, I'm Sonnie Day and I couldn't imagine my life without music, education, opportunity to inspire others, and definitely Fedora Hats. I live for the moments to see people living their dreams out loud. I'm blessed to have been given multiple gifts and YES! I intend to die empty. This journey has afforded me the chance to successfully uplift the toughest audience ever, America's inmates. There are many lessons I've learned in life. But, there is one I choose to keep at the forefront. And it is, I refuse to live this life without joy and gratitude. My outlook daily every time God wakes me is, "I'm still breathing, so purpose must remain!" Thanks for stopping by my global home. Read More


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Sonnie Day’s music ministry is multi-dimensional. She writes and performs songs that praise God while instructing us how to live a life that honors our faith. In a word, she is a multi-tasking singer with a spiritual purpose!”

— Dr. Deborah Smith-Pollard 92.3FM WMXD