Sonnie Day is an excellent speaker and teacher. Sonnie has shared her message of hope in juvenile facilities, prisons, churches, schools and community organizations. Her delivery causes the audience to ponder and take action, she is a passionate speaker who enjoys changing lives. 

Sonnie has spoke and conducted workshops for several events during church services, retreats, conferences, and events for youth (particularly girls) and women. Sonnie uses relevant topics and current events to drive the message to the audience. Her bold confident approach in subject matters, compels listeners to remain attentive to every word. 

Her 20 plus years experience teaching and training adults and children, makes her one to be reckoned with. Sonnie Day's educational background, skills, and experience makes her an expert to train and teach. Her platforms are:


Domestic Violence

Character Education and Prevention 
Living on Purpose
Music Business 
Prison Reform 


Living Life on Purpose 
21st Century Church 
Branding the Music
 Abuse Is Not Love


Starting a Girl Program 
 Organizational Development 
Developing Leaders Around You