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Your opportunity is HERE to transform your life! Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Besides the basic necessities of life. I'm talking about that sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. The feeling of contribution and doing what you were created to do. If you're unsure or don't have clarity, then this course is EXACTLY what you need. Understanding your Mission, Vision, and Purpose is the essence of your existence. Let me HELP you gather this source of life by helping you live life ON PURPOSE!

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Welcome to Sonnie Day Vision University

Vision University is the brainchild of National Speaker & Recording Artist Sonnie Day. Vision University pushes individuals to use their God given gifts, talents, and abilities to realize their dreams and create income. It is the knowledge and wisdom from years in education, entertainment, business, and personal development. It includes the following: 

  • digital products 
  • webinars
  • summits 
  • conferences
  • e-books
  • one-on-one and group coaching
  • vision board parties 
  • retreats 
  • workshops

Vision University empowers and educates people to navigate visions into becoming realities.

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