From the recording A Sonnie Christmas


Verse 1
We're together on this holiday
Love for one another, that's the only way
Christmas presents
Under the Christmas tree
Family Traditions, like it use to be
So let's cherish this moment
Making memories
Put a smile on your face
Cause you're here with me

It's a Sonnie Christmas
It's a Sonnie Christmas
It's a Sonnie Christmas
with youuuuu

Verse 2
Remembering our love ones
That went on before us
Never forgetting the lessons
That they always taught us
So, enjoy the cheer
That this season brings
A Savior is born
Jesus Christ the King

Repeat Chorus

Laughter and joy with our families
Kids playing with toys, till they fall asleep
Dancing and singing
To our favorite tunes
Fireplace burning, chestnuts roasting
On this Christmas Day

Repeat Chorus