Release Your Greatness

Did you know there is GREATNESS inside of you? You have more potential than you know, it just hasn't been awakened. When I think of GREAT people a list of names come to mind. Greatness can be carried in all types of capacities from all types of people. It bothers me when I see someone living below their potential. Society has blinded so many to believe the social media hype. And many desire to be people that they do not know, nor if they know what's posted is real. So, they define their greatness based upon other people.

Here is the truth, the greatness you have inside, has to first be believed. There are many folks suffering from low self-esteem, lack of identity, and knowing their self-worth. Once you recognize you're worth it, you're valuable, and it's an asset to have you on scene, things happen.what's inside awakens. So, own it and know that you are GREAT! 

Another truth, we all have gifts and talents that God gave us. Each of these gifts and talents define our greatness. But, when you don't use them it's an insult to the one that gave it to you. So, identify what they are and use them to best of your ability. It makes God smile when He sees His creation operating in the purpose of His original intent.

Understand that gifts flow out of us like this stream of water you see in this picture. It comes easy, flows naturally, and others can enjoy, why becausethe stream doesn't stop. There are too many people watching the water flow out of others and haven't realize they have the same water from the same well. 



So, if your gift writing, when that book, play, movie, poem, music, releases; God smiles.

Your gift drawing, when that painting, art class, mural, releases; God smiles.

I could go on and on, but Greatness has been personally designed by God and came with you when you were born. RELEASE YOUR GREATNESS! 


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