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8 on 8- That's right, it's the 8th month and it is New Beginnings, New Creation, New Order. In case you didn't know, this is the meaning of the number 8. I love to learn the biblical meanings of…

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Navigating Through 2021

Navigating Through 2021

Were you like majority of people throughout the world, ready for 2020 to be over with? With the excitement of a new year, anticipating a reset.  In our traditions many made New Year’s resolutions, set goals, and…

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Release Your Greatness

Did you know there is GREATNESS inside of you? You have more potential than you know, it just hasn't been awakened. When I think of GREAT people a list of names come to mind. Greatness can be carried in all…

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3 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year

Happy New Year!!

2016 has arrived and I hope you're off to a great start. I want to share with you 3 Ways to make 2016 your best year. The FIRST WAY, is knowing what it is you want to…Read more

3 Reasons You're Not Happy

  by Sonnie Day  November 2, 2015 When the song dropped by Kirk Franklin, I knew this was a Grammy Winning Chart Topping HIT!! The lyrics spoke volume to every person serving as a Vision, Life, or Dream Coach…Read more

21 Lessons Learned From EMPIRE!

What EMPIRE taught Me...
You may call me different, but when I watch television, I watch from the viewpoint of many. I have several purposes of watching a program in which I'm interested or has garnered much conversation. Here… Read more


I wanted to write this blog post to remind and possibly enlighten. There is a plan for your life already designed by God. When your eyes have been opened and you get an understanding of life, you realize some things.…Read more

Happy New Year

It is 2015 and I hope you're off to a good start! Please don't let the problems, concerns, issues of 2014 be carried along in 2015. My prayer is that you left everything not productive in 2014. January for…Read more

6 Point Formula For Success

Some people look at life and become overwhelmed and anxious for things to happen for them. I have learned over the years and through my relationship with Jesus, it is quite SIMPLE. I've discovered the formula is simple, and has…Read more

On Your Mark...Get Set, GO!

Ok folks, I am going to start this weekly blogging to be done on Monday's. The thought came to mind when I was a little kid and the games we played. Whenever we played relay race, there was a starting…Read more

It's On the Inside

It has been a minute since I have written on my blog. I have so much going on, without complaint though, just need to balance. I am sitting in my den on the couch, watching television and a thought came…Read more

New Beginnings

The NEW YEAR has arrived and we have already began several days within 2014. I am overjoyed to be apart of this great time to know Jesus and working to advance His kingdom. I hope your goal this year is…Read more

Build it Up in 2014

3 steps for building positive habits !

1. Start small A tiny habit is easier to stick to. Do you resolve to exercise more often this year? Start with just 10 pushups a day or a short jog around the…Read more

FAITH Makes It Possible

Faith...we hear this word often throughout our lives, or the phrase "Faith It til you Make It". I heard this and it sounded cliche'ish (if that is even a word). But, I begin reading a book with that same…Read more

Imagine Me

Have you ever allowed your mind to wonder? Wonder so far on a dream or desire you have that you forget where you are or what you were doing last. I have been there several times as I dreamed of…Read more

Do What You Love

I have learned over the years, in my million and one endeavors, if I don't LOVE what I am doing it is time wasted. There are many people in this world who are stuck and miserable in a life their…Read more

Open The Gift

Today begins a new week for many and it always sparks a new beginning of something for a lot of pople. Well, I want it to be a new discovery for you. There are so many gifts lying dormant, hidden,… Read more