Navigating Through 2021

Navigating Through 2021

Were you like majority of people throughout the world, ready for 2020 to be over with? With the excitement of a new year, anticipating a reset.  In our traditions many made New Year’s resolutions, set goals, and energized with a renewed spirit. For some, a new President and the first black woman to be Vice President  in the history of this country was refreshing. These are profound unprecedented times we are living in with a pandemic throughout the world that appears to not have any control. I ponder on what’s next; after six days into the New Year a riot happens at the United States Capitol building. And then five days after that, my 5 year old grandson who’s fighting leukemia is admitted into the hospital. On the same day two years ago, he was being discharged from a 10 day stay learning of his diagnosis. And on top of that, we learn the actions of the person who murdered his father through surveillance video. As my mind analyze and digest all of what has occurred within the last 11 days of 2021, I wonder what’s next. 

Although I wonder, I have learned to not concern myself  too much with the matters of life. Why? Because I understand that life is a series of lessons that teaches me how to live it better. I could easily consume myself with the pressures and the situations that life offers me. Or I can navigate through it with trusting  in God. I choose to trust in the one that knows all and sees all. In this time of uncertainty, from a virus to the economy, there is an urgency for us to know who provides. As well as, how to cast our cares on Christ.

Here’s what I do know about 2021:

-Navigating through 2021 will require you to have a ridiculous amount of faith. It will be this type of faith that will help you remain sane and endure to the end. I encourage you to tap into Jesus,  build your relationship with Him, God sustains!  

-It will require you to have multiple streams of income. Whatever you know how to do, do it, even if it’s more than one thing. There are people waiting to buy from you. A woman in Canada made $30,000 from her Couponing stash of items at the beginning of the pandemic. I say figure it out and remember NOW! Keep reading you’ll see what that means.

As a small business owner, I’ve discovered pivoting with creativity is necessary in order to survive. You will need to look at your business model and see what works and what doesn’t. For example, this is Vision Board season, as a party host for vision boards, I had to change. I can no longer do face to face parties, thus creating a virtual platform for the parties. As a recording artist, concerts are no longer, but virtual ones are popping. History has taught us during a crisis births creativity. There has been so many businesses born during this time. And there has been innovative ideas and out the box processes developed.

Understand things in life will continue to unfold, some unexpectedly. But, we can’t allow it to knock us down or lose our focus. Remember, in the end you WIN! You just have to keep going! 

So, here’s the call to action, I want to help you brainstorm some ideas for your brand, business or ministry. I know you can thrive during this season and who knows what can become of it. My mantra for 2021 is NOW, meaning No Opportunity Wasted! So, join my email list Here to schedule a FREE 30 Minute Brainstorming Session. Let’s find out where you are and come up with a few ways to enhance what you’re doing. 

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