If It's Love

Stevie Wonder wrote a classic song called, "These Three Words". The song was sharing how the words of "I Love You" are pure and simple. Society has taken those words and distorted what it means. Love defined by God is nowhere near what many experience. I can speak from experience of being mistreated, emotionally abused by those who said those words. Once you learn what love truly is, you'll never allow yourself to experience anything less. 

God gives us a clear definition of what is LOVE is. In 1 Corinthians 13, it says Love is patient, kind, love is not rude, does not hurt, keeps no record of wrong, etc. What is hard to accept is anything opposite is not love. I wrote a part of my last record about LOVE. I needed to write music about love like I heard growing up. The music was written from the heart of love not sexually driven. The songwriters expressed their feelings differently than what is heard now.  

Ask yourself what does love means to you and how do you express it. Because some people take love for granted not understanding it's true sacrifice. The ultimate demonstration of love was Jesus on a Christ willingly. So, as you partake or not in Valentine's Day festivities, demonstrate how God defines love in His word. 

1. Patience

2. Kindness

3. Not Rude

4. Not Envy

5. Not Boastful

6. Not Proud

7. Do not Dishonor

8. Not Self-Seeking

9. Not Easily Angered

10. Keeps No Records of Wrong

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