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Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023. I know I may be 8 days behind, but it's never too late. I chose this picture as the face of this blog post for a reason. These two words run across the…

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You Gotta Say Something!

Do we really know how powerful God's Word is and how what we say has power? Well, I'm putting into practice what God has said for us to do using our mouth. I'm discovering daily interesting things and taking His…

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If It's Love

Stevie Wonder wrote a classic song called, "These Three Words". The song was sharing how the words of "I Love You" are pure and simple. Society has taken those words and distorted what it means. Love defined by God is…

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Pieces to the Puzzle

Life is a series of puzzle pieces that lead you to the full picture. As you look at this picture here, you can imagine it being broken down into several different pieces. What you would not know is the beauty…

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It's Bigger than the Virus

Did you ever believe you would live to see something of this magnitude? Well, I never thought I would experience a plague or famine in the land. I had someone say to me on Facebook that we don't have a…

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Write The Vision!

Write the Vision. You probably have heard this several times throughout your adult life. And you've mostly heard it quoted by a preacher, referring to Habakkuk 2:2. I can honestly say, I never heard that phrase as a kid "write…

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I Got A Feeling

Welcome to February....well we have made it into the 2nd month of 2015. I got a feeling the next 28 days will bring surprise, joy, and unusual things to take place. There are some THINGS that God has in store…Read more