DAY 2: Prison Tour-Show #5

This evening program was great the men came flooding in to the gym, the sound was already set with some good sound equipment.  The program started about 30mins late for no apparent reason.  There were 150 guys who came out to the program. At first they were stiff neck, just looking at us, so I had to give some reminders. I reminded them they were breathing and that is a privilege no matter where you are, locked up or not! I told them we came to give you a concert and lift up Jesus. Finally, I said I'm the closest to a Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez you're gonna get. So, let's have some fun in Jesus because you got in a free concert! After we got that out the way I began my set and all was well!

We offered the invitation to Christ, not an invitation to join a religion, by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a response, over half the men prayed the prayer of salvation.  Well, we ended the night playing basketball in gym. Yes we couldn't leave until all of us made a shot. Of course out of all the guys, I made my shot first!  The officers were great and waited until we got done. Now, we are headed to our next stop for tomorrow.  Looking forward to laying my head down, pray for us, the prison in the morning is on full lock down. Praying God open the door for us to go in! Follow my daily blog, to keep up with what's happening in prison! #sonnieday #prisonministry #YouVisitMeNot