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2020 Vision Prison Tour: Day 4

Well it's the last day of the tour, I can't believe how fast it went. 3 Prisons,so we will get back to the hotel late. Lobby call again was at 7:15am, our first event was at 8:30am. We arrived at…

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2020 Vision Prison Tour Day 3

Our lobby call was at 7:30am, and we had 3 prisons to do. We began at Vandalia Correctional in Vandalia, Illinois. We had a smooth time getting through security. The Chaplain was a nice cool young lady, her brother lives…

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2020 Vision Prison Tour: Day 2

We kicked off the day with lobby call at 7:30am. This means I got to get up at least by 6:15am. Because I have to do my blog, get dressed, make-up, breakfast and chill. Today we have 2 prisons to…

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Vision Tour 2020 Day 1

It is the 8th Annual Black History Prison Tour in Illinois. I can't believe we've been doing these for this long. This years tour is the "2020 Vision Tour". We will hit 9 prisons in 4 days. We loaded the…

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Opposition vs. Faith

The weather was absolutely beautiful, we couldn't ask for more perfect weather. The men had the equipment already set up on the basketball area of the yard and were just as excited as we were for the event. Prison Fellowship…

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ODWG Camp at Cotton Correctional

I realized I have not written a blog post about the camps when I go. Every year I blog about the Black History Prison Tour, and I thought why don't I do this for the camps. Well, this will be…

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The Finale' 2 Prison's & The Unload

The week goes by so fast, our last day at the prison was bittersweet. The inmates always look forward to this time of the year, as we do. We had 2 prisons to go to, Robinson & Sheridan. One was…

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Men Facility but they Look like Women

I can't believe the prison tour is almost to an end. Day 4, we went to Big Muddy, Pinkneyville, and Centralia. We arrived at the first prison early, 7:30am...the Chaplain moved the time up and he wasn't even there. We…

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Dance Battle & A Pastor's Kid

A dance battle and a Pastor's kid was the highlight of Day 3 of the Prison Tour. We started the day off with a lobby call of 7:15am. We only had 5 hours of sleep the night before, so this…

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500 Ladies & The Holy Spirit: OMG!

Day 2 was the women's facility and my day to do the devotion on the way to the prison. We had a 15 minute ride from the hotel to Logan Correctional, our first stop. We had to bring in all…

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Almost 300 Men and An Officer's Prayer

We can't believe we are in our 8th year doing the Illinois Department of Corrections. God has certainly shown Himself inside of the largest church in America! We had a great 45 minute flight to Chicago and we stayed the…

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Why I Cried in Prison This Past Weekend

This past weekend was the last camp for 2015. The camp allows children to spend the day with Dad inside the prison. It is an unbelievable presentation and life-changing event for everyone. I have the privilege of kicking the day…Read more

Forgotten Files VIRGINIA

It was killing me not to post this blog about the last day of my Virginia Prison Event. Well, our lobby call was at 6am and we had 3 events to do on that Monday (April 13th). We arrived ready…Read more

Lee Williams, Air Force Ones & Jesus

Today's events were awesome, our first event began at noon. We were set up outside on the basketball court. The weather was absolutely perfect, only designed by God. When we pulled up to go check in, we heard the piano…Read more

Richmond Files

Hey Everyone,

I'm in Richmond, Virginia for prison ministry follow my blog as I chronicle the experience of Jesus showing up inside the walls. I'm expecting souls, deliverance, hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Believe with me, and stay tuned, preparing to…Read more

DAY 6: Prison Tour:Show #15

We end the tour at Lawrence Correctional, the last time we came they were on complete lockdown. There was no movement, standing, clapping, barely could respond. The equipment was set up, but there was only one mic. So, we had…Read more

DAY 5:Prison Tour-Show #13

Well we finished prison event number 13 at Vienna Correctional. Brian opened the event, the guys were mean mugging, as if they didn't want to be there. Brian gave them a message to get them stirred up. It was my…Read more

DAY 5: Prison Tour-Show #12

This morning event was powerful. We went to Shawnee Correctional with one our favorite Chaplain Mike Williams. Chaplain met us at the door with a big smile and nothing but love. We were a little late, but we rushed in…Read more

DAY 4: Prison Tour-Show #11

Tonight's  event was on FIRE! We were at Big Muddy Correctional Facility! There was about 100 guys allowed to come, and  many were believers. They anticipated our return it has been 2yrs since we were last there. These brothers came…Read more

DAY 4:Prison Tour-Show #10

We arrived around noon  at Pinckeyville Correctional Facility and it was a very easy going entrance for us. The chaplain showed us hospitality and also the assistant warden was  very helpful! The sound system was set up very nice for…Read more

DAY 4: Prison Tour-Show #9

This is the day The Lord has made! We have three prison stops today. Our lobby call was 7:45a, we went to the juvenile prison. The program today was a little different but with my favorite population , young people…Read more

DAY 3:Prison Tour-Show #8

Thanks to everyone that has been following my blog for this tour. Our evening event was for 6pm-8pm, but when the Chaplain has favor and gives it to you, our time was whatever we wanted.  This group of guys were…Read more

DAY 3: Prison Tour-Show #7

This event was absolutely beautiful, seeing that they had it on  Lockdown! We didn't hear the message from the Chaplain at 8:30am, saying that our event was canceled. So, of course we showed up and no one told us differently…Read more

DAY 3:Prison Tour-Show #6

It's  the third day of the tour, we woke up in hopes that the 2 prisons for the morning and afternoon would be off lock down!  We made the call to learn that the first prison was off lockdown and…Read more