DAY 6: Prison Tour:Show #15

We end the tour at Lawrence Correctional, the last time we came they were on complete lockdown. There was no movement, standing, clapping, barely could respond. The equipment was set up, but there was only one mic. So, we had to get our mics and cords. We needed three mics all together, after that the sound had some muffling to it. The Warden and Chaplain apologized and said they would have a better sound system next time. The guys really enjoyed the program, had a few Chicago Steppers in the building, they were jamming. Since this was the final show, we told Mary our host she had to do 2 things. First, tell the men to "I'm Turnt" and do the swing dance during Art's portion about Jazz Music History. Well, she did both, but she told the guys "I'm turnt it up" we laughed and so did the guys. And yes she did her little dance move, so the tour was officially sealed. We had100 guys, and Chaplain David  said this program really impacted the men, he can see their faces. Praise God our voices held up the entire time, without anyone losing their voices! now, we will rest up for tonight and have dinner with our girl Melanie and watch the premiere of Preachers of Detroit, which our G.O.E clothing line will make its debut! 

Mission Complete!! If you would like to become a financial donor for this work we are doing please contact me! 

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