DAY 3:Prison Tour-Show #8

Thanks to everyone that has been following my blog for this tour. Our evening event was for 6pm-8pm, but when the Chaplain has favor and gives it to you, our time was whatever we wanted.  This group of guys were excited about our arrival, an anticipated our arrival, glad to see us. The men came in while we were in a prayer circle preparing for the event.  The Chaplain was an awesome man of God, his Spirit was so warm and loving.  There was about 175 men that came to program, in which they have to sign up to attend. I'm telling you have to see the power of God move inside the walls. These men had the gym already together, with a projector screen and graphics. 

At at the end of the program, is when we learn who has accepted Christ. Not only did these men accept Christ but when the altar call was given the guys responded. Approximately, 100 men made the decision to be for real with God. This was a remarkable event the guys encourage one another and showed love. Oh yeah we called up some folks to help us, Old G reed lol was dancing with ton of energy, he had to be at least in his late 70 years old. 

We are headed to the hotel, I'm  looking forward to remainder days, please pray for us. #prisonministry 

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