DAY 5:Prison Tour-Show #13

Well we finished prison event number 13 at Vienna Correctional. Brian opened the event, the guys were mean mugging, as if they didn't want to be there. Brian gave them a message to get them stirred up. It was my turn to minister and these brothers participated. Art done his presentation, and the guys enjoyed it. Lastly, it was time for The Gideon Crew, and E.D. began by cracking jokes, calling me "Nicki Minaj" and Art "Morris Chestnut" Brian " Eminem" and themselves as "Biggie & Tupac". The men laughed so hard, it was good to see them with laughter. As the Gideon Crew were performing God Over Everything, several officers came rushing in thinking something was going on. The brothers were turned all the way up, so much so, their set was cut. They didn't get to their last song, but God evidently wanted the inmates to remember "God Over Everything". The Assistant Warden of Programs came to the event and gave us a good report and enjoyed it. #Prisonministry #sonnieday #prisontour

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