Happy New Year

It is 2015 and I hope you're off to a good start! Please don't let the problems, concerns, issues of 2014 be carried along in 2015. My prayer is that you left everything not productive in 2014. January for me is Inspection, it is a time of reflection, evaluating, and eliminating. I look at the people in my life, if they're not serving a purpose or adding value, I must remove them. Then I look at the processes, what worked, what didn't work, and redevelop or eliminate. Finally, products that I have or what needs to be create. My mind assesses everything I'm attached to, because I intend for 2015 to bring rewards. However, I must make sure I do what is necessary to invite the rewards to me. My Pastor says, 2015 is the Year of Opportunity! With that being said, I must be prepared when opportunity arrives. It is better to have an opportunity and be prepared, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared! I want you to know this is YOUR YEAR TO SHINE! Enjoy one of my ANTHEM songs I listen too often  by Kelly Price, and let it get into your Spirit.   


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