Vision Tour 2020 Day 1

It is the 8th Annual Black History Prison Tour in Illinois. I can't believe we've been doing these for this long. This years tour is the "2020 Vision Tour". We will hit 9 prisons in 4 days. We loaded the van at 9:30am leaving from the Marriot hotel, compliments of our homegirl. We left and went to Guitar Center to pick up equipment for the week. Then we headed to the airport to pick up Art. We had time to kill before getting to the prison. So, we did our usual stop at Walmart. Also, we got to go one of our shopping spots. 

It was time for lunch/dinner and Mary picked Buca. This Italian restaurant gives a lot of food and we had no idea. Of course, we couldn't eat it all, so we gave it to one of the volunteers. We arrived at the prison about 3:45pm. Our lobby time was 4pm, so we prayed and chilled. After unloading all the equipment we went inside for the fast manifest check ever. This event was different because PF media team came to video record.

The inmates had the gym set up with sound and everything, but it was in the wrong gym. So, they moved everything to the smaller gym for better acoustics and filming. There were 150 men that came out and all signed the waiver to be filmed. We thought we would only get to film the back of them. During the invitation there were 60 men received salvation. 

We ended the night stopping at Subway, of course I slept the entire ride. We got to the hotel about 10:45pm. 

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