3 Reasons You're Not Happy

  by Sonnie Day  November 2, 2015
When the song dropped by Kirk Franklin, I knew this was a Grammy Winning Chart Topping HIT!! The lyrics spoke volume to every person serving as a Vision, Life, or Dream Coach in the country. This song instantly became my Anthem for my Vision Board Parties and a Vision exercise for my clients. The name of the song asked a question "Do You Wanna Be Happy?"

Of course, the response anyone would give is YES, I WANT TO BE HAPPY!
But, what are you doing to assure your happiness. There are a lot of people faking as if their happy and truly deep down inside, their hurting, confused, angry, and lack self-esteem. Here are the 3 Reasons a person may not be happy.

3 Reason You're Not Happy

#1. You Haven't Given Yourself Permission
Oftentimes we block our own happiness, because we haven't given ourselves permission to be happy. We watch everyone in their happy place and  think we can't be happy. You must welcome and invite what you want in your life, otherwise your pride and stubbornness keeps it at a distance. Say it with me, "I give myself permission to be happy, and I welcome happiness in my life".

#2. You Have not Identified What Makes You Happy
You must define happiness to you, everyone has a different definition and what "happy" looks like to them. Make a list of the top 3 things that makes you happy. Until you can truly identify this, you will continue to search and look for happiness in things without substance.

#3. You Compare & Compete

Stop comparing yourself to others, what their doing, have accomplished, or how they look. You are uniquely different on purpose, admire God creations of your one of a kind self. Comparisons stop your opportunity to be authentic and happy in your current place in life. Competition is designed for someone to lose, don't be the competitor, because YOU WON! Be happy just to be apart of the race, and just run!

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